The 15 Disney Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Lego

Lego’s been creating Disney-themed sets since 1999. While the company began with Winnie the Pooh Duplo sets, it wasn’t long before many more franchises came to life in brick form. Lego released sets for films from Toy Story to Moana. It also produced many movie-themed Minifigures.

Being that Disney has released many animated feature films, 20 Pixar films, and various other animated features, it hasn’t been able to create sets for it all. That’s when fans have decided to create their own Lego art. Brick-builders get pretty creative. Sometimes they fashion their own Disney Minifigures using pieces they already own, and other times they digitally dream up huge sets. Either way, there’s a lot of talent out there.

Disney has also created several Lego sculptures. They are displayed at Lego stores on its properties and are a fun way for guests to see how big Lego creations can get. Yes, they’re pretty complex.

Did we mention that Disney has additionally created animated Lego specials for some of its most popular movies? As can be seen, the Lego-Disney relationship stretches far and wide, and both the movie company and fans have contributed to it. We’re here to show you some of the best reimaginings of classic Disney cartoon characters in Lego form. Get your hard hat on because it’s time to put a few blocks together.

15 Incredible Minifigures

This “incredible” pair comes from the superhero movie that was huge before Marvel smashed every box office opening. The Incredibles came out in 2004, and its sequel hit theaters this summer. Both were wildly successful, and we’re happy there are Lego sets perfect for celebrating their mastery.

While these two came out of a Disney Minifigure series, there are many The Incredibles-themed sets. You can even get one depicting the snazzy house the superfamily stays at in the newest movie. There’s even a tiny, cute baby Jack-Jack figurine included!

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