10 Tips for Better Street Photography in the Rain

When the rain starts falling, our natural inclination is to stay indoors where it’s toasty and warm. But rain photography is a wonderful subject to include in your street photography. And it provides fantastic opportunities to work with different light conditions and reflections. Next time you see dark clouds looming above, embrace the idea of rainy day photography and look for the beauty it creates. Check out these rainy street photography tips for your next downpour.

1. Keep Dry While Taking Rain Photography

Water can be beautifully photogenic. Unfortunately it can also damage your camera gear. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and forget about protecting your camera and lenses from the rain. Waterproofing, however, is an important part of photographing outside.

Invest in a waterproof camera case and camera bag. If you’re on a tight budget, use a plastic bag (fasten it to the lens hood with a rubber band) or shower cap around the camera and cut a hole at the lens. A lens hood will also help keep water off your lens. While you’re protecting the camera, don’t forget to keep yourself dry too. Take an umbrella, and wear shoes that keep your feet dry and a comfortable hooded rain coat.

2. Rainy Day Street Shelter

To keep your gear (and yourself) dry, look for places to shelter while you photograph. I’ve taken many out-of-focus rainy day photos because I’ve been distracted by water on the camera or my glasses. Wet socks is another distraction that affects my photographs!

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