12 Tips To Getting Beautiful Photos Of Kids With Your iPhone

4. Use Burst Mode:

Kids are constantly moving or doing something. There could also be times when they are playing to taking part in an activity or event or doing something where you want to capture the details or each moment of what is going on. Single shots can be a near miss on most action shots and so in situations like these, make use of the burst mode on your iPhone to capture a series of shots so you can sort out the frames that you need later on.

Note: If you do not know how to take a burst shot – compose and focus on your subject. Tap and hold your finger on the shutter button constantly and the camera will continue taking images until you lift your finger. You can later review the shots, pick up the best ones and delete the rest.

5. Are You Shooting Portraits? Focus On Their Eyes:

As with any portraits, if you need the image to be engaging and powerful, then you need to focus on the eyes of the kids. Tap the screen where the eye is in the frame to focus on the eye and then get the shot.

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