12 Tips To Getting Beautiful Photos Of Kids With Your iPhone

6. Plan Your Shoot:

If you are looking for a seasonal shoot or a themed shoot, then plan the location, props, and costumes accordingly to get the best out of the shoot. Choose what your kids love to do and plan the locations accordingly – outdoor fields especially during spring, summer and autumn, can be a great place to get dreamy images of your children. This way, you can let them do what they are interested in doing and make beautiful candid shots.

7. Look for the Light and Compose Carefully:

Very similar to photographing with a camera, it is important to look for the direction of light when composing your images with an iPhone. The golden hour can be the best time to shoot beautiful dreamy images as the light is soft, has a warm glow and illuminates everything beautifully during that time.

It is also best to wisely choose backgrounds and keep the composition simple so your subject can stand out and draw the viewer’s attention into what you are trying to show in the image. Simple compositional guidelines like the rule of thirds, negative space, contrast colours, leading lines, lights and shadows, frames, etc. can be used to compose compelling shots using an iPhone.

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