12 Tips To Getting Beautiful Photos Of Kids With Your iPhone

8. Photograph From Different Perspectives:

We discussed earlier about getting down to the kids’ level. While this is necessary for getting the best shots, you do not have to necessarily stick to this always. Depending on where you are, where your child is and what they are doing, you may want to use different perspectives like shooting from a very low or higher perspective to get creative images of your children.

9. Try Portrait Mode:

If you are using a version of the iPhone that supports portrait mode, do not forget to get a few portraits using this shooting mode if you can get your kids to stay still. These images can be used to portray your child’s features in detail, make your subject stand out by avoid distracting backgrounds as this feature blurs the background more than it would in normal mode.

This does not mean that you should not try portraits if your iPhone does not support portrait mode. Close portraits made using iPhones and any smartphones can be quite intriguing as the perspective is very different from those taken with a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

10. Most Of All – Have Fun:

Remember, do not take this task as a duty, but let the kids have fun and you too have fun with them so that these moments and photographs can be cherished as beautiful memories. Make sure you also record details of the activities they are performing.

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