5 Ways to Spice Up Your Travel Photography

For example, look for unique signs, architecture, cafes, historical places, colours, patterns, graffiti, abandoned places, clothing, food and anything around you that shows or defines the little details about your destination. Also, some places have night markets that are unique to that place – so go about photographing them.

Photograph the details that make the place unique and enjoy the experience by exploring. Bear in mind to not pressurise yourself in photographing all the details as it can be exhausting on you especially while travelling.

2. Think Differently:

Travel photography requires patience. Don’t hurry around just snapping photographs that everyone else shoots – get off the tourist tracks and locations and explore, also, depending on where you are, making sure that you are in a safe area.

Think and act differently by walking around your location – if you are photographing landscapes, famous landmarks, cityscapes, etc. find the best perspective and light to shoot your subject.

Location scouting will come in handy if you have time so you can plan where to shoot from and when to shoot.

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