5 Ways to Spice Up Your Travel Photography

3. Give Importance to Composition:

As with all photography that you do, composition is key when taking travel photographs. Good composition can make a good photograph great. So, while placing elements, make sure you place them in such a way that they all relate to each other and speak the story that you want to tell.

Some of the compositional guidelines that you can incorporate into your travel photography are:

  • the rule of thirds,
  • negative space,
  • the rule of odds,
  • leading lines,
  • s curve,
  • patterns and textures,
  • space for movement,
  • contrast through colours
  •  light and shadows,
  • juxtaposition.

4. Look for the Light:

Light makes and breaks a photograph and this applies to anything that you will be shooting during your travels, be it a landscape, architecture or portraits.

The best time to shoot any of these is early in the mornings or late in the afternoons when the light will be soft, golden and will help accentuate textures and features of your subject. Early mornings also have an advantage where you will have the place to yourself away from the crowd and sunrise images are phenomenal!

So the best thing for you to do to get beautiful images is, to wake up early and stay out till late in the evening so you can document scenes right from the blue hour at dawn till the blue hour at dusk.

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