5 Ways to Spice Up Your Travel Photography

Ask them to take their images if you are going for closeup posed images and these images can tell a great story about the life of the people in the area you are shooting. As much as possible, if there are other tourists, avoid them in the frame to get a truly authentic travel image.

Remember to:

  1. Always have the camera with you and always shoot raw
  2. Backup images daily.
  3. Carry a good lightweight travel tripod if you need them for landscapes and long exposure photographs.
  4. Including humans in landscapes can tell a story and give a sense of the scale of the place.
  5. Stay safe and keep your gear discreet and carry them in bags with no flashy labels or expensive looks.
  6. Register and insure your photography gear
  7. Post process your travel images wisely to suit the vibe of the place you are photographing
  8. Use resources like 500px, Instagram or Google images to research about places and look at the recent photos, so you get an idea of how you can photograph differently.
  9. If you want yourself in the images, for example in a landscape, manually focus where you want to be and use a timer to take self-portraits.

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