6 Best Pro Tips for Better Wide-Angle Landscape Photography

Now let’s look at an image from the same spot but with different conditions and a slightly different composition. This is shot at 22mm (compared to 14mm for the one above).

The empty space to the left is distracting and results in a compositional imbalance.

While most of the frame is still filled in the upper half and the right area of the image, there’s a lot of empty space in the lower left. Since we’ve removed much of the foreground, there’s nothing interesting in this area and since it’s such a large empty space, our eyes naturally drop down to it and the viewer quickly loses interest.

Use a Low Perspective and Get Close to the Foreground

The second tip for wide-angle landscape photography is to use a low perspective. Using a low perspective introduces you to a whole new world of compositional opportunities and you’ll find a whole lot of new leading lines.

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