6 Best Pro Tips for Better Wide-Angle Landscape Photography

Look for branches, tripod legs, camera bags or other elements that aren’t a part of the image. Remove them by adjusting your perspective or zooming in slightly; if you can’t adjust the composition be aware of these elements and remove them in post-processing.

Watch out for Vignetting When Using Filters

Using filters for landscape photography can make a huge difference and opens several creative doors for you. However, they’re also known to cause some unwanted issues when used in combination with wide-angle lenses.

The most common is vignetting. This is especially a problem if you’re using a budget filter system, a system which is not specifically made for your lens or if you stack multiple screw-in filters.

Pay attention to the frame of the image and notice if your filters are resulting in a vignette. It is easy to fix this in post-processing but make sure that the vignetting isn’t obscuring any important elements of the image – it’s easier to fix it in Photoshop if they only cover the sky or other surfaces with less texture and details.

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