7 Common Street Photography Questions Answered

What Is A Good Street Photography Camera?

I suppose we’re all conditioned to believe that a proper street photography camera is a small black rangefinder, but any camera can be a street photography camera. The search for the perfect street camera should not be the foundation of an existential crisis. Use what you have.

A rangefinder, a DSLR, a black camera, a yellow camera, a film camera manufactured in 1975, a cell phone. These will all get the job done.

Color Or Black & White?

I do tend toward black and white but I’m in no way averse to color. I don’t cling to any sort of profound philosophy when it comes to whether I decide to go with color or not. If I photograph something that contains colors I’m particularly fond of — orange, red, yellow — then I stick with color. Otherwise, I’ll probably convert to black and white — I like the aesthetic and it strips away distractions.

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