7 Common Street Photography Questions Answered

Is Instagram Ruining Street Photography?

I always shrug my shoulders in response to this question.


And no.

Maybe the right word isn’t “ruining” but rather “changing.” I don’t know if Instagram (or social media in general) is ruining street photography, but there’s no denying it has changed it.

Instagram has broadened the exposure of street photography and street photographers – while also conditioning the masses to believe that street photography is supposed to look a certain way.

Social media has simultaneously provided an outlet for inspired individuals to tell their stories and served as a breeding ground for shiftless copycats to fester and spread their lack of originality. It’s also become something of a proving ground for would-be street photographers to learn and grow.

So, is Instagram killing street photography? Yes. And no.

Final Thoughts

Please take this all with a grain of salt. I don’t claim to speak from a position of authority or expertise. My perspective is what works for me and keeps me motivated. If you can glean something semi-useful from this, I’ll graciously count that as a win.

Happy street shooting!

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