7 Great Reasons for Photographers to Do Morning Photography

The golden light shines on these buildings in Venice, this is only possible to see and photograph in the morning. There are of course two golden hours per day, if you’re an early bird you’ll have enjoyed the morning one before. Of course, a lot of people will want to photograph the sunrise sky directly. Turn around though and you’ll get all those warm colors flooding over the landscape in front of you. This opens up a new variety of photos that you could take. Perhaps instead of photographing a landscape at sunset, you could get all those golden colors on it from sunrise.

 You’ll have the place to yourself

Getting up early in the morning means you get the place more or less to yourself. These tai chi practitioners add an element of storytelling to the scene.

As discussed in a previous article, there are benefits to photographing alone. When you wake up early in the morning this is much more likely to be the case. Now photographing a popular landmark without having to deal with hordes of other people in front of you will be easier.

The early bird catches the worm as they say, and the early morning photographerhas the uncrowded streets to themselves.

Morning photography is more unique

Waking early in the morning for this scene was absolutely worth it.

The most dedicated of photographers will, of course, wake up for their morning photography. That means there will be photographs showcasing the best of the early conditions.

The chance that your photograph hasn’t been taken a million times before will be much higher, it will only have been taken thousands of times before. Okay, so to get a truly unique photo may require the use of some more creative photography techniques, but you increase your odds by getting up early.

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