7 Great Reasons for Photographers to Do Morning Photography

The angle for specific photos only works at sunrise

The dove jetty on Penang island in Malaysia is a great example of a photo that works better at sunrise.

Whether you’re photographing at sunrise or for the golden light, certain photos need the angle of sun which is only found early in the morning. You can figure out what angle the sun will have at various times of the year by using suncalc or an app like PhotoPills.

As with all photography, plan ahead of time. Often planning months ahead of time is what it takes to get great photos. Getting the right light for your morning photography takes effort, but it’s almost always worth it.

In hot countries the morning temperature is nice

This photo was taken during the Thaipusam festival, which started well before sunrise.

You may not live in a hot country, but if you do you’ll know that the best time of the day is morning. It’s hard work walking around much past ten o’clock. Carrying around a camera bag, and putting in the legwork you need for your photos is far easier when the temperature is kinder.

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