The Single Best Landscape Photography Tip You Need to Know

Let’s be honest: there are a lot of mediocre and repeating tips out there on how you can improve your landscape photography. Straighten the horizon, buy a new camera, invest in equipment… Sure, these things might have an impact on your images but they won’t make you a better photographer.

So let’s step aside from these common tips and look at the single best landscape photography tip you need to know.

Break The Rules!

Yes. Tips such as straighten the horizon, use manual modes, explore the use of filters etc. are helpful and will help improve the technicalities of your images but they have absolutely no impact on your creative expression.

I’ve broken the ‘rules’ for a good portion of my personal favorite images taken over the last years. It’s when doing this that I’m able to enable my creative vision and focus on how to best capture a scene despite the possible hurdles in front of me.

Let’s take the image below as an example. It’s not a ‘technically perfect’ image. Looking at the metadata I know that the image might lack some sharpness in a certain area or have slightly more noise than what’s ideal. But that was the compromise I had to make in order to capture the scene and convey my vision.

Due to the conditions I had to use the following settings: ISO320, f/6.3, 1/30th second

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