Top 5 Key Reasons to Use a Telezoom in Landscape Photography

I found this small reflection in the ice when searching for telezoom possibilities

With wide-angle lenses, you can often catch eye-catching images without spending much time considering the composition. As long as you’ve got a somewhat good light and have a decent subject, you’ve got an image that many will like.

This is not the case with a telezoom. Zooming in on a landscape means that you crop out most of the surroundings and focus only on a small part of the scene. This will force you to pay more attention to what is included in the frame; is that tree taking too much focus? Should I include a little more of the sky? Is the focal point obvious?

These are important questions to ask as you depend on having a good composition to make such an image eye-catching.

Spend More Time Analysing the Scene

In many ways, this relates to the last two reasons. Since we only photograph a small selection of the scenery around us, it’s important to spend more time analyzing the surroundings.

It’s rare that the “point and shoot” approach works well with this type of photography; you first need to locate interesting characteristics about the landscape then you can explore it through the zoom.

This crack in a Greenlandic glacier would easily not have been noticed had I not been actively searching for interesting features in the ice.

Slowing down and spending more time analyzing my surroundings hasn’t only had an influence on my photography but also my life in general.

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