Top 8 Must-Have Equipment for Landscape Photography

Your creativity is the most powerful and important tool you have as a landscape photographer. What would you be without it? What pleasure would photography give you? However, there are certain pieces of equipment that are essential, whether they’re to help you capture better images or to organize and store them.

For gear-junkies, there are a lot more to add and many things that might, or might not, serve a purpose. The equipment mentioned here are things I wouldn’t be without and those I consider essential for my photography.

Camera Cleaning Equipment

Let’s start with the most boring first and get it out of the way; cleaning equipment is something you should have purchase already from day one. You don’t need anything fancy and it’s not going to cost you much but it’s essential to have.

It’s not only essential in order to lengthen the lifetime of your camera but it will also make sure your lens and sensor aren’t covered with dirt and that you don’t have to spend hours in post-processing removing dust spots.

My go-to equipment for cleaning my camera is a Zeiss Lens Cleaner Spray, Zeiss Pre-Moisturized Wipes, MagicFiber Microfiber Cloths and a sensor cleaning kit. Cleaning the sensor of your camera might sound scary but it’s not nearly as hard as you think.

Must-Have Equipment for Landscape Photography

Magic Fiber Cleaning Cloths

If you’re not comfortable using a sensor swab and cleaning it yourself, I highly recommend sending it to a lab or your local photo store to be cleaned at least once a year.

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