Top 8 Must-Have Equipment for Landscape Photography

Circular Polarizer

Another must-have equipment for landscape photographers is a Circular Polarizer. This filter is especially useful for daytime photography as it effectively reduces unwanted glare or shine from wet surfaces and increases the contrast in the sky.

It’s important to know that it darkens the image by approximately 1.5-2 stops (this varies from filter to filter) so you’ll need to make adjustments to the ISO and/or Aperture to maintain the ideal shutter speed.

External Hard Drive / Backup System

Not all photographers are the most tech-savvy but it’s important to find a backup system that works effectively for you. We spend hours upon hours out in the field capturing beautiful images, then more hours at home processing them. Wouldn’t it be a pity to loose all those images you’ve put countless hours into creating due to a hard drive failure?

There are many ways of backing up images and I suggest searching for what seems most efficient for you. Some photographers use RAID systems, some use cloud services and some save the memory cards. There’s no right or wrong as long as you figure out a way to safely store your images and back them up in case something happens to your main drive.

Spare Batteries

I’ve talked about the importance of having spare batteries on several occasions but it’s something worth repeating. I see photographers run out of battery way too often when photographing a beautiful scene, without having any spare batteries with them.

Make sure that you always have a couple extra fully charged batteries in your backpack and perhaps even a few extra in the suitcase (as well as the charger) at the hotel if you’re traveling. Batteries tend to drain quicker during night photography and in winter, so make sure you’ve always got enough to last the entire session or duration of your stay.

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