Why Digitization of Regional Literature is Essential

e-books, and the lower costs of e-books are making them attractive to the Indian reader, especially the younger generations. Yet, the monopoly remains skewed heavily on English language publications. This can be contributed to the fact that there are not many amenities to support the publication of regional literature on digital platforms.

India may be on its way to becoming one of the leading cosmopolitan cities in the world, yet it has a wide base for consumption of regional literature. Indians, by nature, take immense pride in their regions and that pride reflects  in their affinity for their regional literature.

By concentrating on English language alone, e-publishers and sellers would lose out on this huge market of literature loving Indians, who are getting alienated due to lack of choices in digital.

Efforts are being made to reach out to this audience, through gradual inclusion of regional language books in eBook platforms. Emergence of new e-readers and e-book apps that can accommodate content in one or more of the 25 plus Indian regional languages are facilitating this rise .

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