Why Digitization of Regional Literature is Essential

Here are a few ways where digitization facilitates both regional content and platforms

  • Archiving and preserving the rich literature- Books are often subjected to wear and tear, with time, amounting to great loss in terms of literature.  Since eBooks have no physical entity, restoration and preservation is much easier.
  • Bringing the youth closer to their mother tongue- The youth are estranged from their mother-tongue, opting for e-books in English instead. eBooks would help regional dialects gain popularity amongst youth, promoting consumption of books in native language.
  • Empowering independent authors of regional languages and small publishing houses as well by taking their work to a larger audience through a digital platform- It is a common misconception that digital publishing is for the affluent and well-placed publishing houses. Digital publishing is an affordable option as compared to print publishing and the inclusion of regional literature would leverage the power towards the small publishing houses, while ensuring visibility.
  • Inclusive Publishing: Making literature available to people with reading and intellectual disabilities- Often, disabilities rob the joy of reading, from those who are affected. Also, linguistic barriers prevent people from getting access to a host of literature. eBooks in regional language comes as a boon, aiding these readers to embrace reading as a part of their daily lives.
  • Decreasing the cost of publishing-As mentioned above, digital publishing is economical as compared to print publishing, saving a lot of expenditure along with resources. This is a beneficial option for small publishers, with limited capital as they get a better outcome from spending less.
  • Making the data searchable, extractable and shareable – Digitization of regional content makes it seamlessly searchable and sharable, ensuring greater visibility. It can be extracted from any supported platform, making the entire operation flexible.

The main onus of literature is to enlighten people while breaking barriers and stereotypes. The beauty of Indian literature is in its rich imaginative fluency. Through eBooks in regional literature, such a world is possible, where our folklore is vouched by people who haven’t even visited the country yet.

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